Rental Service Terms & Conditions

Outdoor & Cycle Concept’s Rental Service Agreement.

This document (together with our General Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy) sets out the terms and conditions of the Rental Service. Where there is any inconsistency with our other terms and conditions, the terms and conditions set out below prevail.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before committing to the rental service.  By paying for the rental service and collecting your rental items at the start of your rental period you will be deemed to have accepted the Terms & Conditions specified here.

  1. Definitions

1.1 Rental Agreement

This Rental Agreement is for the hire of outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment (‘the Goods’) and the parties to the Contract are:

  • The person, company, organisation or group hiring the Goods (‘Hirer’).

1.3 Outdoor & Cycle Concepts Ltd (Registered No: 3382348) with registered offices at Unit 11 Kemble Business Park, Crudwell , Malmesbury, Wiltshire, SN16 9SH, United Kingdom

1.4 Ownership of the Goods

Any Goods hired remain the property of Outdoor & Cycle Concepts Ltd at all times. 

  1. Your Obligations. You will:
    • Loss or Damage

Be responsible for, and indemnify us against, loss or damage to, or caused by the Goods whilst in your possession, howsoever caused, and notify us as soon as is reasonably practicable of any such loss or damage.

  • Use and Location

Keep the Goods in your possession and under your control at all times during the rental period until such time as they are returned to us.

  • Prohibition Against Sale, Etc.

Neither sell, underlet or dispose of the Goods, and will indemnify us against all losses, costs, claims, damage and expenses howsoever occasioned by your breach.

2.4 Inspection, Etc.

Permit our representatives access to the Goods at all times, for the purpose of inspection, repairs and or removing of the Goods.


2.5 Return

Return the Goods to us at the agreed time and place set out in this agreement.

  1. Maintenance


The Goods provided will be of good condition and deemed to be fit for purpose.  Should you observe the terms and conditions of this agreement, we shall maintain the Goods in good repair and working condition.  For this purpose, we may be required to remove the Goods or any part of them for such time as may be necessary and to replace these Goods with equipment of similar, although not identical, type which shall be held by you on these terms and conditions.  Unless agreed otherwise, you will not be entitled to the abatement or refund of rental for the time of any removal, replacement or substitution.

  1. Security Deposit


Upon booking, a security deposit may be required for the hire of the Goods, and will be added to the invoice.  Once the Goods have been returned, they will be checked and if all in good condition, the security deposit refunded to the Hirer.  The deposit amounts are dependent on the hire cost and length of hire as follows:

Hire Cost                            Deposit

Less than £100                 £25.00                 

£100 or more                    £50.00


Where damage has been incurred, beyond normal wear and tear, then the costs incurred for the repair, extreme cleaning and any replacement charges will be made against the Hirer’s deposit.  Please see our Repair and Care service prices for indicative charges.

  1. Cancellation Policy

The following charges apply in the event of your cancellation of the rental after payment has been taken:

Time period before start date:

Up to 14 days before the rental period commencement – Full refund of the rental payment

Up to 7 days before the rental period commencement – 50% of the refund of the rental payment

Less than 7 days before the rental period commencement – No refund on rental payment

  1. Service Availability


The Rental service is available via store drop-off and in-store collection in selected stores across Great Britain.

This is service is not currently available for the Republic of Ireland and the country of Northern Ireland.

It is not available for international customers outside the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

  1. Payment


You can pay for the Rental service using a debit card or credit card, a Cotswold Outdoor/ Snow+Rock / Runners Need gift voucher or gift card.  If an additional security deposit is required, this can be paid for using a debit or credit card.

Payment for the Rental Services and all applicable security deposit charges must be paid before you receive your products.

In case you have specified that you want your order returned directly to your specified address, an authorisation request for payment will appear and charge your account at the time you have completed the online payment request.

For more details on our Payment Terms & Conditions, please visit our websites.

  1. Breach

Should you commit any breach of this agreement, we may terminate the agreement and you will be considered to no longer be in possession the Goods with our consent.

  1. Personal Data Handling & Protection

By using our Rental Service, you acknowledge that Outdoor and Cycle Concepts will process the personal data you provide for the purpose of creating an account to process your Repair & Care Service request.

You agree to us contacting you with updates on the progress of your requested service and/or in case your requested Repair & Care service cannot be carried as requested and we seek confirmation from you on how you wish to proceed.

All personal information provided will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy which is available on our websites.

If you want to opt out of our membership database at any time, please follow the instructions on our websites.

  1. Disclaimer

Outdoor Cycle and Concepts Ltd will not be liable for any personal injury, death, loss of or damage to goods arising from the rental of any items by them unless that personal injury, death or loss of, or damage to, the Goods arises directly from and act of omission on the part of the company, its servant or agent.

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